WebTV Technical Specifications

WebTV Defined
WebTVTM is the first all-in-one, TV-based online service and set-top box designed to solve the complexities and hassles consumers experience when getting on the Internet. WebTV is a no-compromise, high-performance solution that provides easy-to-use, affordable Internet access wherever there is a television and a standard phone line.

WebTV consists of two components:

The WebTV Reference Design--a suite of patent-pending, standards-compliant enabling technologies and guidelines for the development of WebTV set-top boxes and integrated devices. These technologies make it possible for consumers to use their televisions to browse existing and future Internet content, as well as communicate through electronic mail.

The WebTV Network--a subscription-based on-line service that provides an easy-to-use front-end to the Internet. It provides added value by packaging content and special capabilities to address the information needs and interests of a diverse consumer marketplace. The service will be competitively priced with other online services.

WebTV Reference Design Specifications
Although set-top boxes based on the WebTV Reference Design will probably be the least expensive way for consumers to gain access to the Internet, they will offer performance comparable to the most sophisticated computer systems sold. A revolutionary new architecture--not a cost-reduced PC architecture--and a combination of advanced, patent-pending technologies, make a device based on the WebTV Reference Design both a low-cost, mass-market consumer product and a high-performance multimedia computer.

WebTV Reference Design standard features include:



Optional accessories:

WebTV Network Online Service Capabilities
The primary role of the WebTV Network is to work with the WebTV Reference Design to provide an intuitive, easy-to-use front-end that shields the user from the complexity of the Internet. However, the WebTV Network also has advanced caching and transcoding features that improve the performance of the Internet, making the WebTV Internet browsing experience faster and more reliable than current browsing on an IBM-compatible or Macintosh¨ personal computer.

WebTV Network standard features include:

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